In theFootstepsof De La Salle
Discover his childhood homeReims
Visit the French countrysideBrouillet
Go to the meeting place of NyelMotherhouse
Go on pilgrimage to profess vowsLiesse
See the school at Saint YonSaint Yon
Go on retreat in southern FranceParmenie


Based on an actual pilgrimage of the places in France where St. John Baptist de La Salle (the Patron Saint of Teachers and the Founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers) walked and worked, this journey is the story of the educational movement that De La Salle and the first Brothers began in 1680 — an educational journey which is ongoing. Today, this pilgrimage has reached into 79 countries and just under a thousand educational institutions¬†— from hundreds of elementary, middle, and high schools, to a host of educational institutions for the underprivileged and court-adjudicated youth, to educational centers, boarding schools, and over 60 colleges and universities.


Introduction video by Brother Gerard Rummery, FSC